Cash in the pocket following 4 steps

If your wish list for this year includes better planning your finances, so you spend less and still have extra money to invest or save, keep reading this article we have prepared for you. Here we put together 4 steps to get 2018 with cash in your pocket!

Keep an eye on expenses

Keep an eye on expenses

Putting at the tip of the pencil your expenses and earnings is indispensable to have financial control. So, keep a consistent record of your money the way you choose, in a notebook, spreadsheet or application, the important thing is to keep track of your finances by writing down any money in and out of your pocket.

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Prioritize your debts

Prioritize your debts

After keeping track of your earnings and expenses, the next step is to separate the amount needed to pay your expenses. Even if you are up to date with your debts, it is very worthwhile to pay them in advance so you can save money for the future.

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Reduce superfluous expenses

Reduce superfluous expenses

Do not fall for buying a product on impulse, a good tip is to wait at least one day for you to really be sure that the purchase in question will be worth it.

Also, check out how much you spend on “treats”, it’s worth checking if you even need to do your nails all week in the salon when you’re good at it yourself. Realize that this step is based on reducing expenses and not cutting them off.

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Plan to invest

See which is the best saving mode that suits your profile and save your money to generate profits in the future.

By joining all these steps and your efforts it will be impossible not to leave money in your pocket to invest and save!


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