Charges for early repayment

The preferred type of loan is a loan from people for people through Best Financial, which offers its clients the possibility of early repayment without high fees.

Today’s fast times are reflected in everyday life of all people


Maintaining a fast-growing trend in society is often difficult without the use of so-called. foreign sources. Of course, loans and credits from bank and non-bank companies are also included in foreign funds.


In addition to traditional consumer loans, we already know companies in Slovakia that provide collective loans from people for people. A system known abroad as a peer-to-peer lending system in Slovakia is becoming known as a loan to people for people.


Certainly every person has some type of loan today. House for mortgage, car for leasing, washing machine for hire, phone for flat rate or just ordinary consumer credit for flat reconstruction. It is not a shame to have a loan or loan, the problem is if people reward their options.


The preferred type of loan is certainly a loan from people to people through Best Financial Euro. This kind of loan is more advantageous than banks because Best Financial ensures fair conditions for all parties involved. Best Financial loans are provided with less interest than in the bank and processing is done online.


Early disbursement in Best Financial


Best Financial Euro offers its clients the possibility to refinance loans from other financial institutions and of course with the possibility of early repayment without high fees.


If you are interested in early repayment, it is important to meet several conditions. First, you need to ask for a balance on the specific day that will be provided to you on request. At least 14 days in advance you must notify Best Financial of this fact.


The amount of early repayment will be calculated together with the interest you have to pay before the early repayment date. Best Financial charges a prepayment fee , which will be added to the total amount.


Every client has to rethink the loan prematurely

As the first request for the balance is free of charge, but any further quantification is already charged according to the current price list. If, at the date of early repayment, funds are not credited to the Best Financial account, the application for early repayment will be deemed to be devoid of purpose and all contractual terms will continue as before requesting early repayment, including repayment according to the repayment schedule.

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